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Our Management courses are specifically designed for Mangers and/or individuals with line management responsibility across the sectors. It is recommended that individuals complete the relevant awareness course and then progress to the management equivalent. hield is the leading UK provider of training to the health and social care sector. We help you to continually develop you employees' skills and achieve consistent high quality training across your organisation.

Business Writing Business Writing

This online module will provide the learner with information on writing effective reports, writing for online publication and common email etiquette mistakes prevalent in the corporate world


Conflict Resolution Conflict Resolution

After taking this course, learners will know what action to take following conficts.


Data Protection Data Protection

The Data Protection Act 1998 is looked at closely in this course, as well as the action needed to be taken to ahere to it.


Dementia Dementia in Care- Person centred

On our online course the learner will become familiar with the person centred approach to dementia. By the end of the course the learner will have a working knowledge of Kitwood’s personhood and what it involves.


Display Screen Equipment Display Screen Equipment

In this course, the learner is provided with information to ensure that they use DSE correctly.


Fire Safety at work Fire Wardens

This online module sets out the key tasks and responsibilities of a Fire Warden in a care facility


Infection ControlLone working

This online course provides the perfect knowledge base for any lone workers, providing them with the correct information and skills to ensure they can make the right decisions in a potentially hazardous situation.


Manual Handling of Objects Managing Violence & Aggression

Our online course raises participants' understanding of the background and risks associated with dealing with potentially violent conflict. Employees learn skills to manage personal safety risks and to handle their own verbal and non-verbal behaviour in order to calm aggressive patients.