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Infection Control

Infection Control

Infection Control

Infection Control online Course with Printable Certificate upon Completion

It is vital that everyone in a care setting makes reducing infection and improving infection control their business. Our innovative approach to training will mean that your organisation can improve their knowledge of infection control and really help in driving down avoidable infections.

To enable the learner to have an understanding of basic infection control, transmission of infection and the chain of infection, and to minimise the risk of cross infection

Learning outcome

Be aware of how good hand hygiene can prevent the spread of infection
Be familiar with the chain of infection
Know the specific times when you should clean your hands
Understand the correct procedure to clean your hands
Know what you can do to protect your hands from getting sore or irritated
Be aware of the role of PPE in preventing infection
Be familiar with the correct means of disposing different types of waste
Know how a clean environment can lessen the spread of infection
Target audience All staff who deal with work in a health and social care setting

Estimate completion time 45minutes

Level Awareness

Endorsed/Approved AIM Awards


QCF H & S Care Ref R/601/8922

Other QCF Ref L/501/6737


The course has full audio and includes both formative and summative assessment.


For more information on this course please contact: info@careshield.co.uk