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Fire Wardnes

Fire Wardens

Fire Safety At Work

This online module sets out the key tasks and responsibilities of a Fire Warden in a care facility. It describes what this individual is and is not responsible for, and what skills, knowledge and experience they need to carry out this role successfully.

Identify the problems in dealing with fire safety in a care setting
Understand the legal and regulatory frameworks
Know the six classes of fire
Know the four elements of the fire tetrahedron
Know the types of extinguisher that can be used for the different types of fire
Know when to use a fire extinguisher
Understand the key duties of a Fire Warden during an evacuation of a premises due to fire
Understand the key duties of a Fire Warden in relation to risk assessment
Know how to source additional information for fire safety guides

Target audience Employees who are required to have a greater understanding of fire related procedures.

Estimate completion time 65 minutes

Level Awareness

Endorsed/Approved AIM Awards


QCF H & S Care Ref R/601/8922


The course has full audio and includes both formative and summative assessment.


For more information on this course please contact: info@careshield.co.uk