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Child Protection

Child Protection

Basic Life Support

Child Protection online Course with Printable Certificate upon Completion

In this online course the learner will have a sound awareness of the symptoms of various abuses. They will follow the steps in responding to a disclosure and have an understanding of the Children Acts.

Recognise the key factors in emotional abuse
Be aware of the consequences of emotional abuse
Recognise possible signs of neglect
List the key signs that indicate physical abuse
Be aware of the signs of sexual abuse
Recognise the specific issues when dealing with the abuse of disabled children
Know the key points with faced with a disclosure
Understand the requirement for safe working practices
Understand the main elements of the Children Acts
Be aware of the organisations/individuals who can provide support in cases of suspected abuse
Target audience Staff who are in contact with children on a daily basis and are required by law to have an awareness of child protection.
Estimate completion time 45 minutes

Level Awareness

Endorsed/Approved AIM Awards


For more information on this course please contact: info@careshield.co.uk