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CIS7 Person-Centered Support

CIS7 Person-Centered Support

Basic Life Support

Person Centered Support online Course with Printable Certificate upon Completion

Our online module introduces the key concepts of the Common Induction Standard 7: Person-centred support. It recognises the value of working in a person-centred way with the people we support, and encourages new workers to understand these values and why they are important. It looks at the importance of working in a person-centred way, reflecting a person’s history and individuality in all their care.

Course Outline:

This programme contains the following sections:

Promoting person-centred values
Working in a person-centred way
Recognising possible signs of dementia
Supporting active participation
Supporting the right to make choices
Promoting spiritual and emotional well-being
Knowledge test

For more information on this course please contact: info@careshield.co.uk