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COSHH Caldicott principles for health and social care
Our online module relates to compliance within confidentiality and legal frameworks when dealing with any request for information or data. It covers all aspects of an individual’s information, data and any other resources relevant to their healthcare activities.


Risk may be part of your everyday job. Here the learner looks at different types of hazards in the workplace.


Epilepsy Epilepsy Awareness

Topics within this course include: Causes of Epilepsy, Seizure Classification and Seizure Management.

Fire Safety at work Fire Safety Awareness

Our online course will provide the learner with the knowledge to help prevent and reduce the risk of fire within the work place.


Food Safety Level 2 Food Safety for Support Workers

Our online module will provide you with an introduction to food safety in catering


Food Safety Level 2 Food Safety in Catering

Our online module will provide you with an introduction to food safety in catering.



Health & Safety AwarenessHealth & Safety Awareness

This course looks closely at issues of Health and Safety at work.



Health & Safety Law Health & Safety Law

Following Health and Safety laws at work is everyone's responsibility. This course shows your team what they need to know.


Infection ControlLone working

This online course provides the perfect knowledge base for any lone workers, providing them with the correct information and skills to ensure they can make the right decisions in a potentially hazardous situation.




Manual Handling of Objects Managing Violence & Aggression

Our online course raises participants' understanding of the background and risks associated with dealing with potentially violent conflict. Employees learn skills to manage personal safety risks and to handle their own verbal and non-verbal behaviour in order to calm aggressive patients.



Manual Handling of Objects Manual Handling of Objects

Manual Handing at work comes with many risks. Therefore it is important for employees to know how to ensure their safety at all times.



Manual Handling of People Manual Handling of People

The course aims to meet the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2005, when moving and handling patients in the workplace.




It is essential that lone workers are made aware of the information that applies to them, in order to ensure their safety in certain situations.